Saturday, 25 February 2012

# 58 [26 January 2010]

Following on from the previous post, the downside of working out in the sticks is that it makes it very difficult to attend openings and screenings - I could spend a lot of time travelling to screenings and shows across the world, but realistically I can't afford the time away from my family, nor away from my studio and it also would cost the earth to visit every show.

Of course I prioritise and attend openings for solo and small group shows, but there are many shows I really wish I could attend. Like the projection in Croydon that started last night for example.

Ottica TV is an online TV channel for video art:

Paul Malone, the curator and organisor of the channel, set up Ottica TV in 2008 and he arranges screenings in addition to the online presence. This week's screenings onto a tower-block in the centre of Croydon are going to be photographed and filmed, so even though I won't be able to attend I'll be able to use the images on my website.

I'm disappointed though not to see my video of rapid movement across the sand dunes on the beach at Argeles projected onto Britain's only skyscraper (well. . . that's what it looks like), a surreal transformation from its insignificant origins.

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