Tuesday, 2 June 2009

27 [2 June 2009]

I've just had the most bizarre experience. Last week I was emailed by a student from St Louis, Missouri, she wanted to interview a printmaker - she had googled print studios in St Louis and came up with the name of my studio: Atelier St Louis, named after the village in which we live: St Louis in France. I explained and then jokingly said that she could Skype me - which is exactly what she just did.

I gave a 15 minute presentation on the techniques I use and also the theme of my subject-matter, I explained about Rivesaltes. The group was really interested even though this was their first class of the day, whilst I had just swallowed the last mouthful of my evening meal. The lecturer likened my work to Kiefer who has two pieces in St Louis Museum and offered me a Steichan (or was it a stipend?).

They're going to read this blog, so hi St Louis.