Saturday, 25 February 2012

# 31 [13 July 2009]

It was my wedding anniversary yesterday, my wife and I dined out at midday instead of the evening as it was easier to organise a babysitter. As a special treat I suggested we visited the camp because I needed to make some new footage in HD, after my wife had been wined and dined she complied.

I’m making a new series of videos in HD for a festival which will screen only videos made in HD. Up until now, I didn’t realise that I could make videos in HD; so far all my footage has been shot in HD, but as I don’t have an HD disk-burner the DVDs have ended up being standard definition. A friend who works in the industry in Soho has informed me that if I save the HD footage as a data file it can be viewed in HD, so, now, at last, I can put my HD camera to good use.

When we arrived at the camp the temperature must have been 35 degrees, no breeze, stifling (during the war it was known as the Sahara of France). I had eaten quite a lot which was a mistake as I planned to make a ’spin’ video amidst a copse of fir trees. Well … I did it, but suffered, three minutes of spinning is not good for you, even if you hadn’t eaten a huge meal. The sound of crickets filled the air, a sound I can definitely work with.

Back at home I edited the footage and am pleasantly surprised, especially with the sound which I have distorted in such a way that a high pitch note resounds with many harmonic layers. The images drop from the top of the screen to the bottom, almost like a waterfall of oranges and reds.

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