Saturday, 16 May 2009

9 [22 October 2008]

I've just returned from a bitterly cold and blustery evening spent at the camp. I went with Peter Watkins, a photographer who is staying with us. Equipped with a generator, projector, laptop and a large format camera we were ready for a night of image-making.

We projected my video-stills (previously made at the camp) on to the huts and then photographed them - I took a few digital shots to get an idea, but the large format shots will probably suffer due to the strong wind and long exposures.

The wind whistled through the decaying hut in which we were based, equipment was blown around violently, I could hear dogs, but Peter assured me it was just the wind. It struck me that, not that long ago, innocent people slept in this small space and experienced similar noises and cold on this desolate plain.


Top: 'Projection onto hut', 2008. Photo: Jonathan Moss

Middle: 'Video projection onto hut', 2008. Photo: Jonathan Moss

Bottom: 'Video projection inside one of the huts, Peter focusing his camera', 2008. Photo: Jonathan Moss

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