Saturday, 16 May 2009

11 [19 November 2008]

Recently I've been working on the rushes I made at the sites of the camps - particularly Argeles.

Being totally absorbed by editing on the computer and the creative process seems so far removed from walking and recording at the sites and even more distanced from the events that occurred at these places - but that's the nature of making art.

Viewing the videos frame by frame is very exciting as the random zooms of the vegetation, soil, sand, rocks etc grab my attention for the first time. At this stage I suppose I view the videos as a series of stills and I am constantly working out which stills would work independently to the videos, it is not until I work on the sound that I see these groups of stills as a coherent whole.

So, that's the stage I'm at now - working on the sound, editing the actual noise I encountered whilst recording: my footsteps, the zip of the camera case jingling, breathing, birds singing, waves crashing . . . ; one particular sound I'm looking forward to playing with is that of a wire fence twanging (technical term) in the wind.


Top: Jonathan Moss, 'Argeles 1.1', Video still, 2008.

Middle: Jonathan Moss, 'Argeles 9.6', Video still, 2008.

Bottom: Jonathan Moss, 'Argeles 3.2', Video still, 2008.

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